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FCSL Security Backed Loans

Meeting clients’ financial goals is our success. We encourage our clients to access facilities and achieve their financial objectives without losing their long-term investments by pledging their securities in equity, treasury bills, and bonds. Our security backed loans offer a reduced risk, greater flexibility in repayment to meet demands for additional collateral when implemented wisely.

What Is a Securities-Backed Loan?

A securities-backed loan or pledged asset line of credit is a debt collateralized by a portfolio of eligible securities such as stocks and bonds. It allows you use your securities to apply for a loan deposit securities which we make available the market value of the securities in credit depending upon the specific underlying assets in the portfolio and the level of diversification inherent in the portfolio.

Eligibility for the Security Backed Loan

Eligible borrowers can include individuals, joint investors, and revocable living trusts in which the trustee, trustor, and beneficiary are identical.

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