• PEES is an investment scheme for individuals who are desirous of savings towards their personal and children’s education.
  • The amount to be invested will depend largely on the type of school, the duration of the investment, and educational plans the clients want for themselves or their wards.
  • The initial and starting investment contribution is subject to a minimum of N50,000 with an optional but consistent weekly, monthly or quarterly contribution in order to assure good returns on investment portfolio.
  • This investment vehicle invests largely in long-tenured debt instruments and other viable and performing equities.

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  • The Personal Education Endowment Scheme (PEES) aims to achieve attractive long-term returns by investing in a diversified portfolio of Fixed income securities whilst maintaining liquidity and preserving capital.
  • It is also aimed at building an investment that provides deferred returns, to meet the future educational needs of the investor and/or investor’s offspring.
  • Lock-in period – minimum of 3 years; (with an option of flexibility of tenor).
  • It is tailored to cater for your family future academic plans and the holder enjoys an optional insurance cover that provides a degree of relief for the investor and the named beneficiary in the case of the death or permanent disability of the investor.
  • Bi-monthly notifications; we advise on the investment, the positions, performance, and contributions to ensure the investment goals are met.
  • By investing in this scheme, the financial burden of lumpsum payments at the start of school terms will be reduced considerably.
  • The Scheme offers investors efficient exposure to a basket of high yielding government and corporate debt instruments.
  • It maximizes investment returns, which will consist of a combination of interest income and capital appreciation by investing in a diversified portfolio of high quality fixed income and debt securities, equities as well as other money market instruments.
  • It is an investment plan specially designed for people who wish to protect their families from sudden eventualities like loss of job, disabilities and even death and still provide them with decent education. This, to a large extent, assures continued education of their wards.
  • Children Club; grouped by their age, the beneficiaries in the fund shall be rallied into friendly clubs. On yearly basis, resourceful educative programs shall be organized for their benefit for free.
  • Flexible payment options; redemption may be in a lump sum or in installments depending on the dictates of the objective or the investors.
  • Secured Investment with guaranteed returns pending usage.

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