Finance and Commercial Services Limited was incorporated to do business in Nigeria on August 25, 1989 as a non- bank Financial Institution. In 1992, the Company was licensed by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) to provide financial and investment services to the Nigerian business public.

The decision to establish Finance and Commercial Services was motivated by the series of reforms the economy went through in the recent past, most especially those that took place in the late eighties. The highlight of this reform process was the deregulation of the Nigerian economy which saw the Federal Government handing off control of the key sectors of the economy, including the finance industry. The result of this is an expansion in the scope and size of the Nation’s financial market, with new players and institutions coming on board. Although this development has generated more competition among operators, it has also brought, in its wake, a more innovative and robust financial market that is gradually increasing its stake within the global economic scene.

At Finance and Commercial Services Limited (F&CSL), our principal focus is to take advantage of the present and emerging opportunities brought about by the deregulation and democratization reforms going on in the Nigerian economy through the creation of a wide range of products that will appeal to our target audience.

Essentially, our operational philosophy is founded on the need to render efficient and quality services that will not only ensure that we guarantee our clients maximum satisfaction, but also achieve and sustain a mutually beneficial and enduring relationship with them.

It is for this reason that our products and services are developed first to study and understand our clients’ business potentials and problems, inside out. This allows us to envision the clients, solve their problems and bring opportunities that might otherwise not have been realized. Our products are designed to enable our clients take advantage of the various potentials that abound in the market.


To become a true pan-Nigerian Investment Company with branches in all the states of the federation and major locations where Nigerians are heavily represented around the world.


To preserve wealth and create value to a wide category of clients by providing tailor-made and distinct financial service offerings, using measurable and acceptable global standards as benchmarks of performance


Integrity, Professionalism, Expertise, Responsibility, Fidelity, Service,


F&CSL’s target market, in the main, are medium-sized companies operating principally within the following industrial segments of the Nigerian economy:

  • Petroleum
  • Manufacturing
  • Banking & Finance Services
  • General Trading/Contracting
  • Property Development & management
  • Commodities Trading/Exports
  • Investments/Funds Management

F&CSL is however not restricted to the above segments, as we continuously seek out profitable opportunities in other sectors. From time to time, we carryout a comprehensive review of our operations with a view to incorporating new areas of opportunities within the Nigerian business environment into our programmes and operations.



We are a member of the FCSL family. Our affiliation to F & C Securities Limited, a leading operator in the capital market, provides an opportunity for additional finance leverage in terms of margin trading


We have been actively present in the Nigerian money market for over 2 decades. Our track record is long and consistent in such important activities as project finance, LPO financing from  major conglomerates and SMEs, partnership with government to bridge funding gap and fund management.


No matter the location of our clients, F&CSL is always on hand to execute our clients’ mandate and enhance their wealth.


High Net worth Individuals, Banks, Insurance Companies, Pension Funds, Trust Companies, Discount Houses, Manufacturing Companies, Stockbroking Firms