We are aware that leasing is particularly a major potential area that could foster the much desired business relationship between us. We shall be favorably disposed to lease to your good selves all manners of assets and equipment that you may require for your operations. This option offers you the following benefits:

  • Despite monthly deductions from members, funds sufficiency is still a major problem facing most organizations in Nigeria today. Given the present economic reality therefore, leasing has become a very reasonable financing option. Leasing would afford you access to own assets without necessarily straining your association’s working capital position.
  • Funds that would otherwise have been expended by your association through outright purchases for staff members could be committed to better and more profitable uses, thereby enhancing your profitability position.
  • Leasing enhances better management of your cash flow. This is because a fixed amount is paid out periodically as rentals over the tenor of the transaction. To that extent, you are in a position to achieve better management of your cash flow position.
  • Operating lease, in particular, offers you some tax benefits because you are allowed to fully write off the periodic lease rentals as expenses against the income for tax reduction purposes.
  • Leasing could be structured in such a manner that would enhance your convenience in the payment of rentals.

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